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The Christening of little Myrsini

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Βάπτιση με θέμα αλεπού

Βάπτιση με θέμα αλεπού

Today I will present you one of my favorite christenings, with a wonderful color palette, and with little Myrsini starring! All the decoration and styling was done by the talented team of Vitavenir.

The happy parents told us:

Love at first sight! There is no greater blessing than holding your baby for the first time ... For the name we wanted something special that combines the characteristics of mom and dad. Myrsin or Mersin or Mersinia is a wild shrub with small white flowers. Dynamic like her mom and sensitive like her dad ...

The theme of the christening, the little fox that as mom told us was not a random choice

Our theme for the christening was the little cute fox, because when Myrsinaki was born he had orange hair. A little sweet fox!

The christening took place in the Church of St. John Chrysostomou and the dinner in Lemon Park, Nicosia.

The decoration took you to another era, with wonderful shades of red and gold details. At the candy table there where elaborate cookies and cupcakes with little handmade foxes, and in the center a very romantic cake. Beautiful red, pink, and peach flowers combined with greenery completed the entire decoration.

The place was decorated by Vitavenir. Zoe put all her love and energy into combining the childish with the romantic and the modern. Flowers in pink and red, gold frames with cute little foxes, all framed with greenery, like the little fox in its natural environment! The most impressive was the candy table. That's where Zoe put all her art!

Νιώσαμε χαρά και ανακούφιση που επιτέλους είχε φτάσει αυτή η ιδιαίτερη μέρα για την μικρούλα μας!

Η βάφτιση της θα γινόταν 3 μήνες νωρίτερα αλλά αναβλήθηκε λόγω κορωνοιού. Η πιο συγκινητική στιγμή για τη μανούλα πιστεύω είναι εκείνη που ακούς το "λάβε, μήτηρ, το παιδί σου". Έλαβα το παιδάκι μου μυρωμένο και φίλησα το χέρι της αγαπημένης μας νονάς με πολλή συγκίνηση, σεβασμό και δέος. Η Μυρσίνη μας έκλαψε πολύ λίγο στην κολυμβήθρα. Η νονά μας ήταν καταπληκτική με το μωρό και ο πάτερ Νικόλας και ο πάτερ Πέτρος ήταν γλυκύτατες και φιλικές παρουσίες. Μπορώ να πω ότι η Μυρσίνη μας απόλαυσε την διαδικασία!



Design and Styling: Vitavenir


Venue: Lemon Park

Decoration photographer: Kyriacos Andreou

Christening photographer: Sweetmama Photography

Favors: Aromatherapy Health Farm – Herbs and Beauty

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Βάπτιση με θέμα αλεπού

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