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The christening of little Antonis with Pampas Grass and Eucalyptus

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Βάπτιση Pampas Grass Κύπρος

Βάπτιση Pampas Grass Κύπρος

If you are looking for inspiration for your own christening, then definitely the one I present to you today, from the team Gold and Silver Events, will impress you! 

Boho chic elements in earth tones, with pampas grass and eucalyptus was the main idea, with the mother of little Antonis telling us:

As soon as we saw our baby, I realized that love is not divided, but multiplied! He took his name from his grandfather and the christening took place in the Chapel of Agios Nikolaos in Maroni and then in the venue ''Ktima Demetriou'' in Agglisides.

On the candy table was placed a backdrop with impressive boho knitted and greenery on top, while under the table a rug in the same color palette. On the sides, two large white vases with pampas grass while in the center white flowers that made the difference!

The same pattern continued on the tables with pampas grass and greenery in beautiful vases, while the wonderful blue-green glasses gave intensity to the color palette! Finally, the boho look was perfectly complemented by the mats under each plate and the small candles all around.

The place was beautifully decorated... It was magical! The pines, the lights, the vases on the tables, the beautifully decorated sweets, the spectacular cake, the carpet, the candles, all gave their own touch to become a perfectly harmonious whole. For favors we chose crystal jars with lids, decorated with white tassels which had mini muffins inside!

Our feelings on this day were immense joy! Joy and happiness because everything tied perfectly together and the guests enjoyed it incredibly! Our most moving moment was definitely the time that we received our baby from the godparents.

Boho chic moments

Warm thanks to the wonderful Kika from Gold and Silver Events. I trust her blindly in every important moment of our lives, and every time she confirms me that I made the best choice! Apart from the decoration, Kika has an incredible passion for what she does, she is willing to help in all areas of the event, she has unique ideas, modern and innovative. She never disappoints me! Also, many thanks to the bakeries / confectioneries Zorba for the fresh sweets for our guests.



Event Planning, Design and Styling: Gold and Silver Events


Venue: Κτήμα Δημητρίου – Ktima Demetriou

Candy Table Sweets: Toula’s Cakes

Sweets: Zorbas Bakeries

Βάπτιση Pampas Grass Κύπρος

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