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6 Reasons You Need a Photo Booth at your Wedding!

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Renting a photo booth is a great choice for your big day! Read for the 6 reasons where the team of Mini Booth Cyprus explains why you need to have a photo booth at your wedding.

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 1. It’s quick and easy to organise

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, so we make the photo booth hiring process as easy as possible. Choose a package, provide us with your wedding details, and let us liase with your wedding planner or the venue itself for the set up options. After a deposit is paid, your booth is booked and ready for the big day.

2. It’s a great way to break the ice

Πάντα υπάρχει ένα οικογενειακό δράμα στους γάμους. Είτε είναι αυτός ο μεθυσμένος θείος που λέει ενοχλητικές ιστορίες, ή εκείνες οι θείες που κρίνουν αδίστακτα όλα τα ρούχα… Μερικές φορές χρειαζόμαστε μια απόσπαση της προσοχής για να ξεφύγουμε από όλα. Ένα photo booth είναι ένας πολύ καλός τρόπος για να αποφύγετε τις αδέξιες συνομιλίες κάνοντας μια βόλτα στο booth για να τραβήξετε μια γρήγορη selfie. Γιατί να μην τραβήξετε και τη θεία για μερικές selfies, θα είναι πολύ απασχολημένη να ποζάρει αντλι να σχολιάζει στο αυτί σας! 😂

3. While the Professional Photographer is occupied, your guests won’t be left out

The photographer has one of the most important jobs at any wedding ceremony: to capture all the beautiful moments shared by the bride and groom. Your guests need not feel left out though, as a photo booth is the perfect way to ensure everyone gets a few photos of their fabulous wedding outfits. They can walk up to the booth at any time, instead of hounding the photographer for one photo that they’ll only maybe see weeks later.

4. Sharing is instant

While the bride and groom have to wait weeks for their professional photos to be edited and sent to them, a photo booth provides a quick and easy way to deliver photos to guests on the night. All they need to do is pose, snap a photo and send it to themselves via email or sms. This works with GIFs and Boomerangs as well, so make sure to let guests know your wedding hashtag and watch it be populated with fun and hilarious experiences from your reception.

5. Easy Take-Home Wedding Trinkets

If you choose a package with the printing option, your guests can take home a photo strip that has a customised template design, so they will always have a special memento from your big day! You can even add a photo book option so that guests can leave a photo strip and message for you to cherish.

6. Video Messages

With our video option, guests can record short messages for the bridal couple. This is a great way to get candid and heartfelt clips from your wedding night. We also offer the option to create a video montage where we put together all these clips for you to watch through and post to social media. It’s a great way to keep all those awesome and fun memories from your wedding.

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Photo booth wedding cyprus